Volunteers from Central Kalimantan Travel for 450 Kilometers to Deliver Aid

Volunteers from Central Kalimantan Travel for 450 Kilometers to Deliver Aid

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – “It’s a life calling,” said Hefni, one of the members of Tim Relawan Emergency Katingan (TREK) from Katingan Regency, Central Kalimantan, who delivered humanitarian aid to ACT South Kalimantan’s humanitarian post, Tuesday (10/8).

Their journey to deliver the aid was quite extraordinary. Using cars and one truck carrying aid packages, they drove for 450 kilometers. Departing on Monday (10/7) afternoon, the convoy finally arrived in Banjarmasin on Tuesday (10/8) at dawn.

“This is just a little that we give as an expression of our empathy for our disaster-hit brothers and sisters in Palu, Sigi and Donggala,” said Hefni. Alongside five of his partners, he handed over the humanitarian aid in the form of money and noncash donation to ACT South Kalimantan.

Hefni explained that they gathered all the aid for a week in the humanitarian post that they set up in TREK headquarter. “Our humanitarian post was the only one in Katingan. Many other communities and organizations also trusted their aid to us, such as Orari, Motor Clubs, Indonesian Scouts and Indonesian Youth Red Cross Society,” he said.

He was also very grateful with the assistance of an Orari senior member who helped with the delivery of the aid. According to Hefni, the aid delivery wouldn’t have succeeded had it not for the help of Alfian, who is now 64-year-old.

“He is a senior volunteer who wanted to help us to send the aid packages using his own truck. We admire his spirit and his generosity,” Hafni added, thanking Alfian for his help.

Alfian admitted that what he had done is merely to help others. Alfian was a small man, and, despite his age, he did not look frail. His face was always shining with a smile. He was still strong despite the exhausting 450-kilometer-journey. On the way to Banjarmasin, at 2 a.m., his truck ran out of gas, requiring him and another TREK volunteer to search for gas stations.

“We were still in Central Kalimantan, in Pulang Pisau. We asked to be supplied from Palangka Raya, but, Alhamdulillah, we finally met a diesel fuel seller nearby,” Alfian said to ACT Kalsel.

With smile on his face, Alfian joked and advised the younger volunteers. “Always remember to observe Allah’s commands and stay away from His prohibitions, and keep yourself healthy by not eating too much!” said Alfian.

ACT South Kalimantan’s Senior Marketing Manager, Zainal Arifin who welcomed TREK volunteers in ACT South Kalimantan office expressed his appreciation for the aid. “They are such wonderful young people that dedicate themselves for humanitarianism. This is something we should celebrate and take example from. ACT will keep supporting such initiatives. Disasters that befall Lombok, Palu, Sigi and Donggala has kindled the spirit of volunteerism of these young people. May this positive actions can continue, Amin,” said Arifin.

ACT South Kalimantan invited all people, including people of Central Kalimantan to reach out to help our fellow Indonesians who are affected by disasters, both in Lombok and Central Sulawesi. To facilitate this effort, ACT South Kalimantan opened a humanitarian post on Jl. Ahmad Yani kilometer 5.5 no. 49, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The post accepts both cash and noncash donation. []



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