Wafa and Aqsa Send Their Eid Allowance to Brothers and Sisters in Palestine

As a form of concern, Wafa and Aqsa collected their Eid allowance to be donated to help the brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Wafa and Aqsa come to the ACT Aceh office.
Wafa and Aqsa come to the ACT Aceh office. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDA ACEH – When Wafa and Aqsa arrived at the office of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Aceh, they wanted to know the current condition of the Palestinian brothers and sisters. The team then showed the pictures and videos of Palestine.

However, they couldn’t continue to watch them. “Please don’t show it to us again,” asked Wafa and Aqsa, holding their sadness. Afterward, they continued to see the pictures of Palestinian children who are smiling while eating the food assistance and enjoying the Water Well Waqf built by the people of Aceh.

Through their noble intention, they want to revive the smiles on the face of Palestinian brothers and sisters. They even brought their own Eid allowance from this year's Eid ul-Fitr then handed it over to ACT Aceh on Tuesday (5/18/2021).

Umi (Our mother) told us a lot about Palestine. We are very sad and sorry to see our friends in Palestine who are in a difficult situation,” said Aqsa, who currently is in the first grade of elementary school. Not only by words, but sadness was also clearly shown through their eyes.

Redha, the father of the two, explained that he and his wife intentionally educated their sons to be grateful for what they have, since out there, many children were in unfortunate situations, and found it difficult to get food or even a place to live. “Both of them have started to learn to help each other as a form of gratefulness,” said Redha.

More than sympathy, the Palestinian children have also motivated Wafa and Aqsa. Wafa who is in the fourth grade of elementary school has memorized two juz (parts)of the Quran. He is getting keener when he was told that many Palestinian children are also loving and memorizing Quran amid the attacks.

Before they went home, the ACT Aceh gave them Daily Alms Piggy Bank. Hopefully, the piggy bank can motivate them to send more alms. “Moreover, it is said that Wafa and Aqsa will ask their school friends to join in fulfilling the alms piggy bank,” said Muraiya, the Customer Relation Officer of ACT Aceh.[]