Want to Help Palestinian Families? Contribute to Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia Program

Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s initiative to strengthen the brotherly ties between the Indonesian people and the Palestinian people manifested in the form of Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia program. This program is a long-term agenda aiming to support the independence of the Palestinian people.

Illustration. Millions of Palestinian children lack nutritious food. Nearly half of adults in Gaza are unemployed. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Starting in 2021, Indonesian families can personally support Palestinian families through the Sister Family Palestine Indonesia program. Through this program, Indonesian families can provide for Palestinian families every month.

ACT Senior Manager of Public Philanthropy Management Helmina Sari explained that this program was based on an idea to establish a bond of brotherhood between Palestinian and Indonesian families as Prophet Muhammad did when he established a bond between Muhajirun and Ansar. In addition, this endeavor is an effort to support the Palestinian families to be independent.

Helmina continued, Sahabat Dermawan can support this program by committing a minimum of IDR 5,000,000 a month for Palestinian families. Currently, there are a number of philanthropists who have committed to support Palestinian families for one year or even for lifetime.

She explained that everyone can participate in this program: families, individuals, communities, etc. "One family can support one group. They can either cover all expenses of one family, from food, electricity, to children's education or choose the particular expense that they would like to cover specifically,” explained Helmina. Those who want to contribute can call 6221-5040-7140 or visit Indonesia Dermawan website. []