Waqf-Based Rice Barn Supplies Food Needs for NTT Floods Evacuees

ACT-Global Wakaf will distribute 50 thousands kilograms of high quality rice from Waqf-based Rice Barn in Blora Regency. Not only for the receiver, this Waqf Rice program also benefits the farmers, because the harvested grains will be bought by Global Wakaf itself with the best price.

Packaged rice in Waqf-Based Rice Barn in Blora
Packaged rice in Waqf-Based Rice Barn in Blora, Central Java. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BLORA – The flash floods and storm which hit several districts in East Nusa Tenggara last Sunday (04/04/2021) had led to casualties and damages to the locals' houses. As a result, tens of thousands have no choice but to evacuate to several locations.

In order to help the survivors, Global Wakaf - ACT will distribute 50 kilograms of best quality rice from Waqf-Based Rice Barn (LBW) in Blora, Central Java.

“Currently, the rice is being neatly packed to be safe during the shipment. We plan to deliver the rice through the sea,” said Wahyu Nur Alim from Global Wakaf Team, Tuesday (04/13/2021).

Wahyu explained that the waqf rice program will benefit not only the receivers but also the farmers who partner with Global Wakaf. Besides that, the farmers indirectly take part in the humanitarian mission initiated by ACT.

“The farmers are hugely benefited because the harvested rice will be bought by the Global Wakaf - ACT itself at the best price to be distributed to the people in need,” explained Wahyu.

This distribution of tens of thousands of kilograms of rice is the continuation of ACT's humanitarian actions such as the distribution of ready-to-eat meals from public kitchens as well as medical services by Humanity Medical Services - ACT, through providing medical services for flood survivors in NTT. The assessment process is still going on in order to facilitate the assistance distribution and the services to be provided according to the survivors in need.[]