Waqf Boat to Rebuild the Economy of Pandeglang Residents

By constructing additional Waqf Boats, Global Wakaf continues to assist the tsunami victims in Pandeglang.

ACTNews, PANDEGELANG - The economic condition of the people in Banten develops slowly after the tsunami which hit the coast of the Sunda Strait in December 2018. Among those who suffer after the tsunami are the people in Cigarondong Village, Pandeglang, Banten. Nevertheless, they are trying to get recover and improve their condition.

In collaboration with its partners, Global Wakaf has assisted the community since one month after the tsunami. Global Wakaf initiated the Waqf Boat program to support the productivity of the fishermen in this area.

"We started this program one month after the tsunami last year, in mid-February this year. We have completed 8 boats so far and all of them are the result of our collaboration with partners," said Mohammad Jakfar from the Global Wakaf team, Monday (7/1).

On Friday (18/6), the Global Wakaf team held a number of activities in the village. One of them giving assistance in making and managing the fishing boats. Some more boats were constructed in addition to the existing eight boats.

"Now we are in the process of making 4 new fiber ketinting boats in collaboration with our partners Global Giving and Al-Qolam Mosque. In total, we will have 12 fishing boats, "Jakfar said.

Other partners who have collaborated with the Global Wakaf are the Kedaulatan Rakyat, Japan's Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (APAD), and the Federation of Indonesian Metal Workers' Unions (FSPMI). In the midst of these activities, the Global Wakaf team also held took time to fish with the local fishermen.

Jakfar said that, with the help of this Waqf Boats, the fishermen community whose economy was shaken by the tsunami is now slowly recovering and starting to rebuild their livelihood.

"People who are members of a program have started to be able to buy new electronic appliances and vehicles. Many people eventually want to join the program after seeing the positive impact on the people's economy," said Jakfar.

In addition, the discussion forums that are regularly held have made the fishermen more socially active. They no longer hesitate to express their opinions, and their solidarity is strengthened as they care more about others. Therefore, in the future, the Global Wakaf plans to build a Command Post for the Waqf Boat Program.

"This post can be used in the future to hold weekly or monthly meetings. In these meetings, we will conduct group evaluations and discussions for further development of the program, as well as Islamic classes, so we improve not only their economic life, but also their spiritual life, " Jakfar said.

In the near future, Global Wakaf will hand over the Waqf Boats that are still under construction. Jakfar estimated that the boats will be completed in mid-July. []