Waqf Cart Helps Ika Support Her Family

To support herself and a child with disability, Ika (55) sells seblak every day. Ika hopes to be able to peddle her seblak since the pandemic has reduced her sales.

Waqf Cart.
Ika hopes to be able to peddle her seblak to expand her sales. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – At her old age, Ika (55) still has to be the breadwinner of her family because her husband has passed away. Currently, Ika sells seblak (Sundanese savory and spicy dish) near her house in Duta Kranji Village, West Bekasi District, Bekasi.

Ika has to support her child who has a disability. “Every day, my child only stays at home by himself. He can only communicate with me. Thus, to fulfill our needs, I use the income from selling seblak,” said Ika to Global Wakaf-ACT Team, Friday (7/2/2021).

The sales of seblak that has been Ika’s lifeline have recently declined. The ongoing pandemic has brought her business a lack of buyers. Therefore, Ika hopes to be able to peddle her seblak so that she can sell her merchandise more widely.

“If I can peddle my merchandise, hopefully, it will increase the number of buyers and my income to fulfill my daily needs,” said Ika.

Global Wakaf-ACT has made Ika’s dream come true by providing a unit of Waqf Cart through the Productive Business Waqf program. Ika can use the Waqf Cart to peddle around her merchandise.

The Productive Business Waqf is part of the Together Uplift Indonesia movement that is echoed throughout Indonesia to help deprived people in various regions.

Global Wakaf-ACT invites all elements of the society to take part in solving this humanitarian problem by supporting their economy through empowerment programs.[]