Waqf Carts Ready to Restore Dozens of MSMEs in Semeru

Thirty Waqf Carts will be completed soon and distributed to MSMEs affected by Mount Semeru's eruption.

Global Wakaf-ACT
Global Wakaf-ACT wishes to distribute 1,000 Waqf Carts through this program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, DEPOK CITY – Mount Semeru's post-disaster recovery is still underway. Various aspects of community life, including the economy, began to be maximized once more. Global Wakaf-ACT also contributes to this effort through Waqf for Productive Enterprises program.

As many as thirty waqf units are nearing completion this week and will be distributed to several affected MSMEs at the foot of Mount Semeru. Global Wakaf-ACT manufactures these Waqf Carts in Raja Gerobak, Limo Village, Limo District, Depok City.

"This time, we provide cart assistance for MSME owners affected by the Semeru eruption. Our goal is to assist 1,000 MSMEs through this program and to do so, we will need the assistance of benefactors,” said Febriany Nanci from Waqf for Productive Enterprises on Wednesday (1/12/2021).

Global Wakaf-ACT will assist beneficiaries through business monitoring. Apart from receiving capital assistance, businesses owners can also receive self-development for their future businesses.

"Hopefully, with this assistance, they will be able to expand their business, scale-up, and stand on their own," Nanci said.

Waqf carts are expected to be completed this Friday (1/14/2022). The Waqf Cart will then arrive in Semeru for the beneficiaries on Sunday (1/16/2022). []