Waqf Drinking Water Accompanies Emergency PPKM Checkpoints in South Jakarta

Global Wakaf-ACT distributed Waqf Drinking Water assistance to hundreds of police officers at the checkpoints of Emergency PPKM in South Jakarta. The distribution was a form of support for elements of society who still have to carry out their duties during the pandemic.

Waqf Drinking Water.
ACT distributes Waqf Drinking Water assistance to the officers who were on standby at the checkpoints in Lenteng Agung, Kemang, and Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – During the implementation of Emergency PPKM, ACT continues to help the community in fulfilling their basic needs, not only people who have to stay at home or self-isolate but also those who still have to be on duty outside their houses. 

One of ACT's programs during the Emergency PPKM is the distribution of Waqf Drinking Water to the police officers at the checkpoints in Lenteng Agung, Kemang, and Hotel Indonesia Roundabout South Jakarta.

“The drinking-water distribution is our response to the implementation of Emergency PPKM. Our support is not only delivered to those who can only carry out their activities at home but also to the police officers who are overseeing the Emergency PPKM," said Muhammad Albar from Global Wakaf-ACT South Jakarta Team, Saturday (7/3/2021).

Hundreds of police officers received the Waqf Drinking Water. Albar hopes for the assistance distribution to expand and support more on-duty officers in the future. “We hope for the officers to stay safe and healthy amid this difficult situation,” hoped Albar.

The Waqf Drinking Water distribution is part of the Solidarity in Emergency, Save the Nation from Pandemic movement. Through this movement, ACT strives to solve the impact of Covid-19 on various sectors including food, economic, and health sectors during the Emergency PPKM.[]