Waqf Drinking Water Benefits Al Furqon Mosque in East Jakarta

Dozens of Waqf Drinking Water boxes were distributed to Al Furqon Mosque, Matraman, East Jakarta. The distribution is hoped to bring many benefits to the mosque congregation which is quite a lot.

Waqf Drinking Water.
Global Wakaf-ACT also gives a booth to display the Waqf Drinking Water and ease the congregants to take the water. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, EAST JAKARTA – Global Wakaf-ACT East Jakarta distributed Waqf Drinking Water at Al-Furqon Mosque, Pramuka Market, Palmeriam Village, Matraman District, East Jakarta. A Waqf Drinking Water booth was also set up to display the distributed on Thursday (8/12/2021).

Alhamdulillah, today, dozens of Waqf Drinking Water Boxes were distributed to Al Furqon Mosque. The mosque’s location is in the building of the largest drug market in Indonesia that is able to accommodate hundreds of congregants, especially during the Friday prayers. So, we hope that this benefit can be enjoyed by many congregants,” said Wuryanto from ACT East Jakarta Program Team.

In addition to Waqf Drinking Water, Global Wakaf-ACT also distributed Waqf Rice to the community. The action targeted around 200 beneficiaries at the Al Furqon Mosque. Assistance was not only given to the congregation, but also to some committees of the mosque who need it.

Sani, one of the assistance beneficiaries, appreciated the action of Global Wakaf-ACT that day. “Alhamdulillah, hopefully, the benefits can be enjoyed by all of the recipients,” he said.

Wuryanto hopes in the future, Waqf Drinking Water can continue to expand its benefits, especially for other mosques in East Jakarta. “Obviously, our actions could be carried out thanks to the support from benefactors. Therefore, we hope for the benefactors to keep helping and expanding this act of goodness in the future,” hoped Wuryanto.[]