Waqf Drinking Water Comes to Surakarta of Military District Command and Departamental Police

National Food Alms Movement continued to expand. The best alms from benefactors were handed over to Surakarta of Military District Command 0735 and Departamental Police.

Waqf Drinking Water distribution in Solo. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SURAKARTA – Through the National Food Alms Movement, Aksi Cepat Tangap (ACT) Solo distributed Waqf Drinking Water to people at end of March. Distribution of Waqf Drinking Water from benefactors was carried out through Surakarta of Military District Commands 0735 and Departamental Police. Waqf Drinking Water from the management of waqf funds was given to security officers as a form of appreciation for their services.

Deputy Chief of Police PGCA Deny Heryanto expressed his gratitude for the distribution of Waqf Drinking Water. This assistance will distribute to the public during Ramadan, especially before breaking the fast.

Tri Rusman Prasetyo, Territorial Section Officer of Military District Command 0735 Surakarta, also expressed his gratitude for ACT support through National Food Alms Movement. This product of Lumbung Air Wakaf-Global Wakaf was planned to be included with the food packages that Military District Command 0735 usually serves before breaking the fast in Ramadan.

“It is our tradition in Ramadan to have a public kitchen. But if it is not held, we will provide Waqf Drinking Water to the worshippers at mosques around our office,” said Deny. He hoped that ACT could work together to improve the economic condition of people affected by the pandemic.

Ardian Sapto from ACT Solo team explained that National Food Alms Movement provided food needs for various levels of the community. Mutual cooperation was the key to kindness to help others. “Everyone can strengthen each other by providing the best alms for people who are affected by the pandemic,” he said.

ACT initiated National Food Alms Movement last February. This movement aimed as a solution to the food problem during the pandemic. Everyone has a chance to contribute and to receive food from their brothers. All food assistance will be sorted to ensure that only the best quality served to the community.[]