Waqf Drinking Water Encourages Homecoming Enthusiasm

Global Wakaf-ACT provided Waqf Drinking Water at several homecoming post points in Tasikmalaya to support homecoming activities.

Waqf Drinking Water
Delivery of Waqf Drinking Water at the Tasikmalaya Homecoming Command Post. (ACTNews)

ACTNews,  TASIKMALAYA – As Eid approaches, many people return to their hometowns. It is the first year of homecoming following the ban imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supporting the enthusiasm for Eid homecoming, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) provided Waqf Drinking Water, a product of people's generosity, in Lingkar Gentong, Kadipaten, Tasikmalaya Regency, on the southern route of West Java.

According to Ridwan Fauzi of the ACT Tasikmalaya team, they distributed dozens of boxes of Waqf Drinking Water at the Gentong Lane Eid Main Post, Pamoyanan Homecoming Post, and several other posts in the area.

"This bottled drinking water is available for free. The travelers and officers can drink the water to hasten iftar."Hopefully, we can feel the blessings together," Fauzi said.

Lumbung Air Wakaf produces Waqf Drinking Water, funded by community waqf and managed by Global Wakaf. Waqf Drinking Water is derived from water sources that have been proven to be safe for human consumption. Waqf Drinking Water has spread throughout the country since its launch at the end of 2019. []