Waqf Drinking Water Starts Production in Pasuruan

Coming from the best water springs. the Waqf Drinking Water from Global Wakaf - ACT will be distributed to various regions. This drinking water will be distributed for free.

The Waqf Drinking Water is produced in a factory in Pasuruan, East Java. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, PASURUAN – It takes only two hours by car to get to Winongan Subdistrict in Pasuruan from Malang, East Java. When the team entered one of the villagers, they were welcomed by farmlands where the lush rice grows. Beside the farmlands stands a big building. It is CV Jenggolo Tirta, the drinking water company where Global Wakaf produces Waqf Drinking Water.

In this place, the Global Wakaf-ACT team was welcomed by Fahmi, CV Jenggolo Tirta's Production Manager. The Waqf Drinking Water which will later be distributed to various regions in Indonesia is produced here.

Fahmi said that the production of Waqf Drinking Water has begun since a few days ago. Every day, hundreds of liters of water are packaged and stored temporarily at the Waqf Distribution Center in Malang, East Java, before being distributed to various places.

"This is a real action, a collaboration between us CV Jenggolo Tirta and Global Wakaf - ACT for the community," Fahmi said, Monday (12/16).

Dozens of cartons of Waqf Drinking Water from Global Wakaf. From the factory, they will be stored temporarily in WDC Malang before being distributed for free. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

The water used for Waqf Drinking Water is taken from springs in Winongan, Pasuruan. Fahmi said that the water used for the product has been tested in the lab to make sure of the quality. The water will be regularly tested every three months.

Before being packed, the water is processed using sophisticated and hygienic equipment. This process involved dozens of workers, the local residents who are employed by the factory. "We also empower local communities by involving them in the production," Fahmi added.

For the launch of Waqf Drinking Water on Wednesday (12/17), Global Wakaf produced 10 thousand packages of Waqf Drinking Water that will be stored at the Waqf Distribution Center in Malang, East Java. Moch Nurul Ramadhan from the Global Wakaf-ACT team said, the Waqf Drinking Water was produced in Pasuruan and stored at the Waqf Distribution Center Malang before being distributed. "This drinking water will be distributed to various places such as Islamic boarding schools, schools, and mosques that need drinking water," explained Nurul. []