Waqf from Indonesian Endowers Contributes to Construction of Largest Fishing Boat in Gaza

The construction of the Waqf Fishing Boat for Palestine continues. After the supervision of the ship’s hull by the Palestinian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the fishing boat, which will be the largest in Gaza, will soon enter the phase of fiberglass application and engine installation.

gaza fishing boat
The construction of the Waqf Fishing Boat for Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has initiated various kinds of humanitarian assistance to help the people of Gaza, one of them is the Waqf Fishing Boat for Palestine that aims to provide a source of livelihood for Palestinian fishermen.

The architect of this ship Mohammed Zoorob said, this ship will be one of the largest ships in Gaza with a length of 21 meters with a width of 6 meters.

“We target fifteen experienced fishermen to benefit and work on this fishing boat. The families of these fishermen will also be helped if their family members work here," said Zoorob, Tuesday (9/21/2021).

Jommah Al Najjar of ACT Gaza said that the fishermen who will work on this vessel are those from impoverished families, those whose source of income has been affected by the ongoing blockade.

Jommah explained, an officer from the Palestinian Ministry of Maritime Affairs has supervised the construction of the hull. Later, they will apply fiberglass on the boat and install the engine. It is estimated that the construction of this ship will be completed by the end of 2021.

"Many thanks to the benefactors and ACT in Indonesia for their stand and support for the Palestinian people. May Allah reward you for your kindness," said Jommah.

Fishermen in Gaza have been living in hardship under the blockade in Gaza. The fishing zone is restricted by Israel, resulting in them can only catch a few fish. With not much income earned, it’s difficult for them to make ends meet let alone to maintain their boats. Many of these boats end unusable. []