Waqf Motorbike Cart: A Glimmer of Hope for Economic Growth in Palestine

Through the assistance of the Palestinian Waqf Cart, generous benefactors provide business capital assistance to build, maintain, and develop the small and medium enterprises in Gaza. With this capital assistance, the unemployment rate will shrink and the stability of the Palestinian economy will be maintained.

The motorbike cart
Illustration. The motorbike cart is used by ACT to help mobilize the displaced Gazans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The economy of Palestinians, especially those living in Gaza, is getting worse. The Gazans have been shackled to economic difficulties due to the Israeli Zionist attack amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said the Israeli airstrikes have destroyed or damaged more than 525 economic establishments, including 50 factories, during the attack on the Gaza Strip. The destruction and disruption of factories and economic establishments have pushed thousands into unemployment, which is already sky-rocketing high with a rate of about 49% in the Gaza Strip. This rate increases among youth and graduates to more than 67% due to the ongoing Israeli blockade for nearly 15 years.

Muhammad Aben Shaban is one of them. He lost his job as Gaza's economy deteriorated. Previously, he was a trader in the Jabalia area, north Gaza. He did this work to support his wife and six young children. After losing his job, he was worried that he would not be able to provide for his family.

Global Wakaf with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) views that the economic recovery of the Palestinian people is very important to create economic stability and reduce unemployment in Gaza. Economic empowerment programs for its citizens also need to be implemented. One of the programs that can be a solution is the Palestinian Waqf Cart. Through this program, ACT invites all Generous Friends to donate a motorbike cart unit which will be the main capital for Palestinians to start their business.

"This is a program that will be aimed at micro-enterprises in Gaza. We will provide capital waqf to build, maintain, and develop businesses in Gaza. Financing the small business program generates income. Thus, providing a stable financial source for families in need," said Amir Firdaus from ACT's Global Humanity Response team, Friday (6/25/2021).

A motorbike cart, commonly called a tuk-tuk, is a vehicle that can be used for transporting both goods and passengers. Tuk-tuks from ACT have also been used to help the Gazans whose houses were destroyed to evacuate.

In their daily life, the Gazans use carts to transport various belongings of evacuated families so they don't they have to go back and forth on foot carrying heavy items or rent a car.

"With these many benefits, ACT invites all Generous Friends to provide the best assistance. Hence, the number of motorbike carts that will be donated to the Palestinians will increase," said Amir. []