Waqf Motorbike Cart Supports Alhennawi to Start Business

In early September, Waqf Motorbike Cart or tuktuk assistance has been distributed to Ismail Ibrahim Alhennawi (67), an impoverished Gazan who lost his job due to Israel's strict blockades on Gaza.

Palestine Waqf Motorbike Cart.
Ismail Ibrahim Alhennawi receives Waqf Motorbike Cart assistance. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Indonesian people have again shown their generosity to the Palestinians. Through ACT’s Productive Waqf program, in early September, the Indonesian waqifs have delivered a Waqf Motorbike Cart or tuktuk to Ismail Ibrahim Alhennawi (67), one of the impoverished residents in Gaza, Palestine.

Alhennawi is the head family for his nine family members who live in Jabalia, North Gaza. He has lost his job and source of income since Israel imposed strict blockades on Gaza. His family could only rely on benefactors’ assistance to survive. This Waqf Motorbike Cart is expected to be able to give Alhennawi an opportunity to start a business.

“The motorbike cart has a cabin to carry up to 500 kilograms of goods. The recipients can start their businesses by providing service for transporting store goods, farmers' crops, or shuttle service for Gazan students to their schools," said Said Mukaffiy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team, Friday (9/10/2021).

In addition to Waqf Motorbike Cart, ALhennawi also received financial assistance from Indonesian benefactors. The assistance was provided through Sister Family Palestine Indonesia program so that now, Alhennawi has enough cost to meet his family’s daily needs and start his new business with his new motorbike cart.

“When ACT’s volunteers visited Alhennawi to deliver the assistance, he was very thankful. He hopes the benefactors’ kindness can be rewarded multiple times by Allah,” said Mukaffiy.

Alhennawi was one of the many Gazans who have received Waqf Motorbike Cart assistance this year. The amount of recipients is expected to rise along with the increasing donations from benefactors.[]