Waqf Motorcycle Facilitates Ustaz Fatkhudin's Mobility and Preaching

Every day, Ustaz Fatkhudin uses his old bicycle to go to the places where he preaches. To support his activities in spreading the message of Islam, the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) branch in Tegal gave him waqf motorcycle from generous donors.

ustaz fatkhudin
Ustaz Fatkhudin (left) receives a Waqf Motorcycle from Global Wakaf - ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TEGAL – On the very last day of Ramadan 1443 AH, Sunday (5/1/2022), The Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Branch in Tegal handed over a waqf motorbike from generous donors to a Muslim preacher in Tegal who has dedicated himself to teaching Islam, Ustaz Fatkhudin. To support his activities, Ustaz Fatkhudin used his old bicycle to go anywhere.

The ACT Tegal Branch Manager Siswartono said that Ustaz Fatkhudin is one of the preachers who are persistent in spreading the message of Islam although he has nothing to ride but his old bike. For Ustaz Fatkhudin, preaching Islam is an act of worship that must be carried out consistently.

“Every day, he teaches teach Islamic classes for men, women, and children in Islamic study circles and mosques. Due to financial difficulties, Ustaz Fatkhudin relies on his old bicycle,” he explained.

 Siswartono continued that the Waqf Motorbike is expected to facilitate Ustaz Fatkhudin's mobility in carrying out his preaching to expand his reach.

“The handover of the Waqf Motorbike concluded ACT’s programs this Ramadan in Tegal. These programs included iftar and suhoor distributions, Eid allowance for Muslim preachers and mosque caretakers, food package distribution, and Eid packages for the elderly. We hope that we can hand over more Waqf Motorcycles in the following months,” he said.

Arif Mustaqim, the fundraising partner of the Waqf Motorcycle Program, appreciated ACT Tegal Branch for initiating programs to honor Muslim preachers. He also expressed his support for ACT’s programs. "Hopefully these good programs and collaborations can continue to be held in the future," he said.

Ustaz Fatkhudin did not expect to get a new motorbike. He expressed his gratitude and thanks to all those who have helped bring the motorcycle. "Insha Allah, this assistance will be useful and hopefully become a source of reward for everyone involved," he prayed.[]