Waqf Quran Empowers TPQ Nahawad in Spreading Islamic Knowledge

Despite limited facilities, Nahawad Quran Learning Center (TPQ) continues its role as a source of knowledge for dozens of santris in Cinangneng Hamlet, Bogor Regency.

The TPQ’s operational fund, one of them is sourced by Ustaz Misbah as the committee of TPQ Nahawad. (ACTNews)
The TPQ’s operational fund, one of them is sourced by Ustaz Misbah as the committee of TPQ Nahawad. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST BOGOR – With help of the community, Nahawad Quran Learning Center (TPQ) was established in the mountains of Cinangneng Hamlet, Cinangneng Village, Tenjolaya District, Bogor Regency. From only accommodating 10 santris (students), now the place already has 34 santris who want to explore their knowledge.

Learning activities are split into two shifts. First is the class for elementary students after Dhuhr prayer time, and after Maghrib time is for the middle school students. That method is applied due to the inadequate place to learn.

The TPQ’s operational fund is also limited. The committee can’t rely on the santris’ tuition since most of them are coming from underprivileged families as told by Ustaz Misbah as one of the TPQ’s committees.

“The santris are not charged for tuition. We only receive alms from them which later will be given back to the orphans here and purchase rice for them. So, the alms are from them to them, again" said Ustaz Misbah, Tuesday (9/21/2021).

As for the TPQ's operational costs, it mainly comes from Ustaz Misbah himself. "For the TPQ’s operational costs alone, Insha Allah, there will be sustenance from Allah. As long as I can still work as a handyman, with the intention of worship, Insha Allah, the TPQ’s operation will run smoothly," said Ustaz Misbah firmly.

Global Wakaf-ACT then supported the santris’ spirit in TPQ Nahawad by distributing dozens of copies of Iqra books and the Waqf Quran. It was because apart from the inadequate building, some of the Quran and Iqra copies have been worn out. Hopefully, the assistance can facilitate the santris in exploring their Islamic knowledge.

“We thank Global Wakaf-ACT for the Quran copy assistance for our orphan and impoverished santris in this TPQ. Hopefully, what has been given will be rewarded by Allah,” Ustaz Misbah concluded.[]