Waqf Quran Helps Ajat Actively Study at Home

Ajat is a student who is actively studying. This seven-year-old boy does not even mind walking about one kilometer to go to TPA.

Ajat finishes his Iqra lessons and now learns to recite the Quran. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR CITY  – Ajat seemed to be seriously listening to what the Ustaz was teaching him. However, once in a while, the seven-year-old boy joked with his friends. He was laughing cheerfully with friends during the Quran lesson.

Ajat is an active student. He diligently attends Nurul Ilmi Quran Learning Center (TPA) in Cikaret Village, South Bogor District, Bogor City. The distance from his house to TPA is relatively far for a child his age, about one kilometer. This orphan, his father passed away three years ago, does not mind walking long distances, and is eager to learn the Quran. “It is nice to recite the Quran here because the Ustaz teaches us nicely, and I have many friends,” said Ajat on Sunday (8/22/2021).

Ajat has even completed the Iqra book and is currently just starting to recite the Quran. However, because he had just advanced, he does not have a Quran. Therefore, he only studied the Quran while at the TPA.

For Ajat to be more diligent in recitation, Global Wakaf-ACT rewarded him with a Waqf Quran copy from benefactors. Global Wakaf-ACT also gave the Quran to a dozen other students at TPA Nurul Ilmi.

“Hopefully, these new Quran copies can help the students more enthusiastic in studying. We also hope to make learning activities easier,” said Wahyudi from ACT Bogor Program team.

The team also distributed snacks for the children of Nurul Ilmi TPA. The distribution of snacks then continued to hundreds of other children in Babakan Resmi Galih, Bantar Sari, and Ranca Bungur District, Bogor Regency. []