Waqf Quran Supports Aisyiyah TPA Affected by Flood

Hundreds of waqf Quran copes arrived at Aisyiyah TPA in Kedamin Hilir Village, West Kalimantan. These waqf Quran copies are to replace the Quran of the students who were previously wet due to being flooded.

TPA Aisyiyah
TPA Aisyiyah is also affected when floods inundated Kapuas Hulu Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KAPUAS HULU – Floods hit several areas in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan after the area had been raining almost overnight last week. This 50-centimeter puddle of water submerged many houses and facilities on Saturday (10/2/2021).

Aisyiyah Quran Learning Center (TPA) in Kedamin Hilir Village, South Putussibau District, was also flooded. "Although the flood has passed, some facilities for the students have been affected. They need assistance so that students' activities can return to normal," said Nircho Dwi Anggoro from the Global Wakaf-ACT West Kalimantan Team.

Global Wakaf-ACT delivered Quran copies and Iqra books from benefactors to support the activities at Aisyiyah TPA from Thursday (10/7/2021) to Friday (10/8/2021).

On behalf of Aisyiyah TPA, Ustaz Aripin Naid Hafiz was also grateful for the assistance. “A few days ago, our TPA was flooded. Many Iqra Books were damaged. On behalf of TPA Aisyiyah, we thank you for the assistance of the Quran copies and Iqra books. Hopefully, it will be blessed and useful for our students," he said.

Seeing the benefits that have been spread, Nircho hopes that this assistance can continue in the future. Therefore, he invites philanthropists to participate in this Waqf Quran program.

“We would like to thank all Generous Friends who have supported this program through their best prayers and donations. Hopefully, this program can continue in the future because the little we spend will be meaningful for those in need," concluded Nircho.[]