Waqf Rice Field in Cibungbulang Begins Harvest Season

The rice on the Productive Agricultural Waqf rice field in Cibungbulang, Bogor Regency, were harvested on Monday (7/5/2021). This harvest is proof that waqf can be a driving force for the welfare of food producers.

Farmers harvest the rice field.
Farmers harvest the rice field assisted by Global Wakaf-ACT in Cibungbulang, Bogor, West Java. (ACTNews/Abdurrahman Rabbani)

ACTNews, CIBUNGBULANG — On Monday (7/5/2021), the rice grown on a Waqf-assisted rice field in Cibungbulang, Bogor Regency, began to be harvested. After 90 planting seasons, the rice field supported by Global Wakaf-ACT through the Productive Agricultural Waqf program began to reap the results. The harvest becomes proof that productive waqf can bring welfare to the farmers.

Suhendar (56), one of the farmers involved in the Productive Agricultural Waqf hopes that the program that is sourced from waqf funds can continue to bring welfare to the farmers. The farmer of a one-hectare land says that he is happy.

“Today we are harvesting. Hopefully, this can continue to benefit the farmers,” he said.

The farmers assisted by Global Wakaf in Cibungbulang were in the process of planting and maintaining paddy using nutrient fertilizer from Aksi Cepat Tanggap which was residue-free organic fertilizer. Suhendar hopes that organic fertilizer can improve the quality and quantity of rice.

“Lately, chemical fertilizers are becoming less available, some are rationed. Alhamdulillah, there is organic fertilizer from ACT. With this bio-nutrient fertilizer, hopefully, it can produce abundant harvests," added Suhendar.

Meanwhile, Wahyu Nur Alim of Global Wakaf-ACT team explained that the harvests from the farmers in Cibungbulang will be bought by ACT to be distributed to poor people through the National Food Alms Movement and other humanitarian programs in the form of Waqf Rice.

“With these harvests, the farmers also take part in the kindness action, because every grain of rice that they planted and harvested will be distributed for free to the people in need,” explained Wahyu.[]