Waqf Rice Makes Sidoarjo's Impoverished Residents Happy

Waqf rice brought joy to the impoverished people of Sidoarjo. There, some people cannot afford to buy rice.

Waqf Rice
ACT provides Waqf Rice to residents. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIDOARJO – Rice is the daily staple food in Indonesia. Poverty, on the other hand, makes it burdensome for some people to obtain it. To address this social issue, ACT continues to distribute rice to the houses of low-income residents.

On Thursday (1/27/2022), ACT Sidoarjo, in collaboration with the government of Barengkrajan Village, Krian District, Sidoarjo Regency, distributed Waqf Rice to the village's underprivileged communities. The community was grateful for the Waqf Rice donation.

"A big thank you to ACT Sidoarjo for the assistance," Jarot, a resident of Sidorono Hamlet, Barengkrajan Village, said after receiving rice from ACT.

According to Abdi from the ACT Sidoarjo team, the team distributed 300 kilograms of Waqf Rice. The beneficiaries were residents who get staple food assistance from the village government each month.

"One of the issues that must be addressed collaboratively is the issue of humanity. We routinely distribute Waqf Rice to assist and relieve the burdens of our fellow countrymen," Abdi stated. []