Waqf Rice Supports Santris’ Food Needs

With Rumah Kepemimpinan, ACT carried out Free Food Operation in Markaz Qur’an Utrujah, Ciseeng, Bogor Regency. The action became an effort to fulfill the santris’ food needs.

Waqf Rice for santris.
Waqf Rice distribution to santris in Ciseeng, Bogor Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – In the second week of September, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) carried out another Free Food Operation to the community. This time, together with Rumah Kepemimpinan (Leadership House), Rice Waqf that was harvested by farmers assisted by Global Wakaf-ACT was distributed to orphan and underprivileged santris (students) in Markaz Qur’an Utrujah Islamic Boarding School, Ciseeng, Bogor Regency.

The recent Free Food Operation was also attended by volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia Bogor and representative of the scholarship recipients from Rumah Kepemimpinan. “The distributed Waqf Rice is the fundraising result by Rumah Kepemimpinan and ACT during August 2021,” explained Wahyudi from ACT Bogor Program team.

Ustazah Ayu, Manager of Markaz Qur’an Utrujah Islamic Boarding School thanked ACT and Rumah Kepemimpinan for the distributed assistance to the santris. The boarding school has 230 hafiz santris (Quran memorizers) who mostly are coming from underprivileged families. “This assistance is very beneficial for the school’s operational,” said Ustazah Ayu.

Fathan Mubina, Manager of Rumah Kepemimpinan also hopes for the continuous humanitarian collaboration with ACT. He also hopes that the Waqf Rice distribution to be a great blessing for the participants of Rumah Kepemimpinan involved.

“Hopefully, this action can initiate other acts of kindness for Markaz Qur’an Utrujah Islamic Boarding School, also for the santris here to be the nation’s next-generation who loves the Quran,” hoped Fathan.

In addition to Free Food Operation, currently, ACT also raises donations to renovate Markaz Qur’an Utrujah Islamic Boarding School. It is because the santris have been staying in one room that is utilized for various activities including studying and resting. Until now, before starting the lesson, the santris must fold their bedding first and turn the room into a classroom.[]