Waqf Water Well: a Solution for Water Crisis in Turunan Hamlet, Gunungkidul

Waqf Water Well: a Solution for Water Crisis in Turunan Hamlet, Gunungkidul

ACTNews, GUNUNGKIDUL – Behind the natural beauty of Sewu Mountain in northern Yogyakarta Special Region, there was terrible sadness. This sadness was felt by the residents of Turunan Hamlet, Panggung Sub-district, Gunungkidul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta, due to the lack of clean water. This is because the topography of the Sewu mountain mostly consists of limestone mountains. The villagers had to go to a pond for clean water.

However, there’s something special this year. In late October, the residents of Turunan felt an immense happiness because the construction of the borehole water well has finally finished. Global Wakaf has built a borehole water well and renovated several toilets.

The trickling sound of water can now be heard in the hamlet. Al-Muqorrobun Mosque, in whose vicinity the water well was built, is now always filled with the villagers. Kaswandi, the head of the mosque committee, expressed his immense gratitude because since the construction of the well, many people often come to the mosque not only to take the water but also to worship there.


“Alhamdulillah the water from the well can fulfill the need of the mosque as well as nearby villagers. It’s easy now to worship since we no longer have to go to the pond for clean water,” said Kaswandi.

Romadani, the person in charge for the Waqf Water GW-ACT Special Region of Yogyakarta, said that the construction of the water well had been planned for a long time, but the process was halted because it was very difficult to find a fresh water source in that area.

He further added that the waqf well program will also be implemented in other areas afflicted by droughts and water crises. “We ask for prayers and support, Insha Allah in the near future we will build another waqf water wells in another hamlet, in Karang Tengah Hamlet, Wujirsari, Imogiri, Bantul,” he added.

The waqf well in Turunan hamlet added to the list of waqf water wells built by Global Wakaf in several areas in Indonesia afflicted by water crisis. Of course, this program can’t be implemented without the generosity of the endowers who continuously expand the multiple benefits of waqf for the public. []


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