Waqf Well: A Dream Comes True for Pesantren Bantargedang Students

The dream of the students of Bantargedang Islamic Boarding School to have water sources and proper toilets is about to come true because the construction of the Waqf Well has begun on June 3. The well is expected to finish in 7 working days.

waqf well
Construction of the Waqf Well at Pesantren Bantargedang, Tasikmalaya. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Around 100 students are studying at the Bantargedang Islamic Boarding School, Cibereum, Tasikmalaya City with most of them coming from poor families. In the school founded in 1942, they learn religious sciences under the guidance of their teachers.

In the pesantren, the students live a simple life. The facilities in this boarding school is barely adequate. The restrooms, for instance, don’t have enough water to be used. The restroom for the female students is even too decrepit to use.

To facilitate the activities in the school, Global Wakaf-ACT has begun the construction of a waqf well that will be equipped with restrooms. The construction of the well began on Thursday (3/6/2021) and is targeted to be completed within seven working days.

“The availability of clean water sources and adequate restrooms is very important, especially for the students. They must maintain their enthusiasm for learning,” said Fauzi Ridwan from the Global Wakaf -ACT Tasikmalaya Program Department.

A warm welcome came from the caretakers of the school. KH. Ujang Nur Makky, one of the administrators, expressed his gratitude for the construction of the well and toilets for his students. "Thank you for the kindness of the community that has now been implemented. We were planning to build toilets and a water well for the students, but Alhamdulillah Global Wakaf came to help us. Hopefully, its rewards will continue to flow like water that comes out of the Waqf Well," he prayed. []