Waqf Well: a Long-Term Solution to Drought

The drought that hits many areas in Java each year needs long-term solutions to be solved. Global Wakaf - ACT comes with long-term solution namely the Waqf Well program to alleviate the drought.

ACTNews, SURABAYA – Water crisis is still a major problem in the dry season. As of last April, some parts of Java have experienced drought including East Java. Responding to the situation, since June, Global Wakaf-ACT has distributed clean water to all areas experiencing drought in East Java. Nearly one million liters of water has been channeled from the donations raised by Global Wakaf - ACT.

Head Global Wakaf – ACT East Java Program Division Dipo Hadi said that to overcome the drought that hits every year, Global Wakaf - ACT also initiated other programs. One of them is building a well that will fulfill the long-term need for water for the community.

"In addition to the short-term programs to solve drought in the form of water distribution, another step for this drought is to build wells that will be a long-term solution in areas affected by drought," Dipo explained, Thursday (5/9).

The construction of the Waqf Well will be carried out in areas that are prone to water crisis, for example in Pule Hamlet in Kenongorejo Village, Ngawi Regency and Malingmati Village in Tambakrejo Subdistrict, Bojonegoro Regency, in which the water from the waqf well is ready to be used. The pipeline to distribute water to the residents' homes has also been constructed so that the residents can use it more easily.

Usman, a resident of Pule Hamlet, said that the assistance provided by the Global Wakaf - ACT really helps them. The locals no longer suffer from clean water crisis because the water from the wells can still be used even in the dry season.

"Not only coming with temporary solutions, Global Wakaf also provides a long-term solution to the drought. From the Waqf Well, the water is sent through pipes to the residents’ homes," said Usman.

To this day, several other waqf wells in several locations are also under construction. In Malingmati Village, Global Wakaf - ACT along with the Indonesian Volunteer Community (MRI) team are drilling wells in several points. This step was taken to explore the potential of new water sources for the needs of the community. []