Waqf Well: A Solution to Water Difficulties at Miftahussalam Islamic Boarding School

Difficulty in accessing water has disrupted the activities of students at Miftahussalam Islamic boarding school. The Waqf Wells from Global Wakaf-ACT is a solution to this problem.

The students
The students of the Miftahussalam Islamic Boarding School take ablution at a place built by Global Wakaf-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANGKA REGENCY – The students were experiencing difficulties with clean water at Miftahussalam Islamic Boarding School, Penagan Village, Mendo Barat District, Bangka Regency. The students rely on water from puddles 100 meters from the school.

Ustaz Agus, the principal of Miftahussalam Islamic Boarding School, said the condition affected the activities and health of the students. It is because the water is cloudy and not suitable for use.

“In the past, we wanted all the students to be able to pray together. However, the condition of water sources that are far away and inadequate for ablution. Hence, it makes the students finally pray alternately," said Ustaz Agus, Saturday (11/13/2021).

To overcome these problems, Global Wakaf-Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bangka built a Waqf Well for Miftahussalam Islamic Boarding School. This well is the fifth well that has been inaugurated, and there are still four other waqf wells that are still under construction.

Ismunandar, Head of Mendo Barat, says that water is crucial in our life. Difficulty in accessing water has disrupted the activities of Miftahussalam Islamic boarding school students. Hence, Waqf Wells can be a solution to these problems.

“We are happy with the existence of this Waqf Well. Insha Allah, it will help the water needs of the students as well as the surrounding community," he said when inaugurating the Waqf Well at Miftahussalam Islamic Boarding School.[]

Until now, Global Wakaf-ACT continues to strive to provide access to clean water for Islamic boarding schools and people who have difficulty getting access to water. Easy access to water makes people's lives better.[]