Waqf Well Alleviates Clean Water Crisis in Africa

Clean water crisis has become a prevalent problem in Africa. Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf Well program aims to solve this problem by providing potable water sources.

Beneficiaries in Uganda happy for the clean water source. They no longer have to walk a long distance to get clean water. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KENYA, UGANDA – The lack of clean water is a prevalent problem in African countries, including Kenya and Uganda. Many have to walk a long distance to get to clean water sources. However, residents of Mandangonyi and Peleleza villages in Kenya can now smile because of the new clean water sources in these villages.

Global Wakaf-ACT has built water wells in these two villages from waqf funds donated by the community. Up to 2,000 families can benefit from these wells for free. They are no longer required to walk tens of kilometers for clean water.

A resident of Mandangonyi Village, Kenya, Mukakadi Ayub (35), was grateful that his family didn’t have to walk far for clean water. A new water well located only a few steps away from his house is now available. Previously, he didn’t even know that there are water sources beneath the village.

"I pray to Allah to give the best reward to the benefactors, ACT and all those who have helped us. May Allah grant all their prayers and hopes. May Allah bless you," said Mukakadi.

The waqf well, whose construction lasted from January 18 to February 16, 2021, can be used by 2,000 families. A 7-year-old schoolboy, Rajab Kebbo, expressed his joy. "I used to have to walk long distances and be late to school. Now I wake up early every day to get water easily and go to school on time," he explained.

Besides Kenya, ACT also built a Waqf Well in collaboration with Kitabisa in Aloet Village, Bukedea, Uganda. The water well was finished on February 20, 2021. Now, the 460 inhabitants of Aloet, the majority of whom are farmers, can increase their agricultural production with the water from the well.

"Alhamdulillah, now people do not have to walk far to get water. Now there’s a nearby water well that we can use. The water is clean and safe for ablution, animals, gardening and home consumption. Thank you, dear donors. May Allah give a big reward," said a resident of Aloet, Uganda, Sulaiman Isabirye.

Amir Firdausi of ACT’s Global Humanity Response (GHR) team said that this was a real action in dealing with the clean water crisis in Africa. There are still many places in Africa that need clean water, so this program will continue in other regions in Africa.

"For the benefactors who have helped provide clean water for Africa, we are very grateful. For those who wish to take part, they can immediately donate to ACT so that the clean water crisis in Africa can gradually be resolved," said Amir. []