Waqf Well Alleviates Drought in Somalia

In recent years, the drought has had a huge impact on the Somali population. Water, one of humans’ primary needs, has been a luxury for the Somalis that they can’t enjoy. For this reason, Global Wakaf - ACT built the Waqf Well for local residents to support the locals.

The Waqf Well in Somalia can now be used by local residents. This well aims to be a solution to the drought that has hit the country. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MOGADISHU, BALCAD – In recent years, Somalia has been hit by severe droughts, including in 2017. The world was shocked to see the severity of the drought that led to hunger and outbreaks due to the lack of clean water. It was recorded that, in 48 hours, 110 died of starvation and diseases.

The water crisis led to outbreaks of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and measles in 2017. Thousands of cholera cases were reported. The drought also severely affects the animals and livestock as many of them died due to the lack of water.

Water crisis remains an unsolved problem to this day. Rain rarely falls, leading to farmers losing their crops and livestock.

In order to alleviate the impact of the drought in Somalia, Global Wakaf - ACT built two Waqf Wells. The wells have finished construction and have benefitted 600 beneficiaries for free. "The waqf wells were built in Mogadishu and Balcad," explained Andi Noor Faradiba, Wednesday (7/8).

The construction of the wells began in July. Faradiba added, the construction of the wells involved the local communities, purchasing equipment from local markets in order to further benefit the surrounding communities.

Through the Waqf Well in Somalia, Global Wakaf - ACT hopes to be able to further ease the burden of Somalian women. In Somalia, one of the women’s main duty is to collect water. As a result, most of their time is often used up just to get some water. "Global Wakaf also provides training in the management of water resources," added Faradiba.

The generosity of Indonesia has reached Somalia not only in the form of Waqf Wells, but also various other kinds of assistance including qurbani packages, food packages, and medical services. []