Waqf Well as an Alternative Water Source During Long Drought

The waqf well is used for several activities, from agricultural irrigation, consumption, to personal hygiene.

Waqf Well as an Alternative Water Source During Long Drought' photo
Several villagers washing clothes near the Waqf Well.

ACTNews, LAMPUNG SELATAN - The dry season has not ended in Lampung Province. The drought that lasts for months often results in water crisis that afflicts the residents of Pal Putih 2, Karang Anyar Village, Jati Agung Subdistrict, South Lampung Regency.

Thanks to the Waqf Well built by Global Wakaf – ACT Lampung can alleviate the drought,

A large water storage that was painted orange and green streams water every day through the two taps provided. In order to save electricity, the Wakaf Well is equipped with a 1,000-liter water storage, a water pump machine and a storage tank. Located in the middle of a rice field, the local residents can use the water for agricultural and animal husbandry needs, in addition to household use.

Sumiatun is one of the residents who benefited from the Waqf Well. Along with other residents, Sumiatun uses the water from the borehole well almost every day to for laundry and shower.

The hose that conveys water from the Waqf Well, located in the middle of the rice field. (ACTNews / Arief Rakhman)

Sumiatun said that the residents were very happy for the Waqf Well in their neighborhood because the well is very useful, especially when the dry season arrives. Usually, they have to struggle to find clean water sources. Now, they only need to go to the well located less than half a kilometer from their neighborhood.

"The Waqf Well is very helpful. We would easily use the water for laundry and bathing. The water is clean. It can also be used for drinking water," Sumiatun said while busily washing her clothes near the Waqf Well on Tuesday (11/12).

Head of Global Wakaf – ACT Program Arief Rakhman said that the construction of the Waqf Well in the Pal Putih 2 area was a result of locals’ request. Funded by one of the generous benefactors in Bandar Lampung, the well began construction in mid-April 2019 and was completed in May.

"Currently, the well is used by residents for several needs, including agricultural irrigation and personal hygiene. The local residents are responsible to take care of the well. Alhamdulillah, in the dry season, the well still has plenty of water and is very helpful for the locals. Hopefully, it will bring everlasting rewards for the endower. []