Waqf Well Becomes Solution for Drought-Prone Kece Hamlet

Kece Hamlet, Madiun Regency, is a drought-prone area, especially during the prolonged dry season. Its residents even have to set a priority scale in water usage to save their water supply during the drought.

Waqf Well for Mosque.
Nurul Huda Mosque in Kece Hamlet has been equipped with a Waqf Well for Mosque from Global Wakaf-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MADIUN REGENCY – Kece Hamlet, Sumberbendo Village, Saradan District, Madiun Regency, is a drought-prone area during the dry season. The resident’s water source will be drastically decreased or even completely dried.

“During the drought, many residents can’t take a bath and instead, more prioritize their water supply for the consumption purpose,” said Aferu Fajar from Global Wakaf-ACT Madiun team. ACT even had delivered 3,000 liters of water to the hamlet during the drought in 2019.

Apart from water scarcity, drought also affects the residents’ agricultural fields. Most of the residents are farmers including rice fields or tuber crop farmers. A lack of water is definitely hindered their job during the dry season. “During the dry season, our income is uncertain because we can only rely on the limited amount of water,” said Aferu, Tuesday (10/12/2021).

In Kece Hamlet, there is Nurul Huda Mosque who didn’t have an ablution place nor a sanitation facility. The congregants used to take ablution in the residents’ houses that are close to the mosque,” explained Aferu.

Responding to the situation, Global Wakaf-ACT built a Waqf Well at Nurul Huda Mosque. The construction has been completed and started to operate in January. “The Waqf Well is provided to facilitate the mosque sanitation. We hope that this well will not only facilitate the water needs of the congregants’ but also the surrounding residents of the hamlet that is occupied by 72 people,” hoped Aferu.

Suwarno, a Kece Hamlet resident appreciated the assistance from Wakifs. Alhamdulillah, the water can come out well now. I used to fetch water from the water source around the rice field which is far from here. Now, Alhamdulillah, we have this Waqf Well. Thank you so much to the benefactors of Global Wakaf-ACT,” said Suwarno.[]