Waqf Well Brings Clean Water to Drought-Prone Area of Sukabumi

The students at the Karya Insan Cita Islamic Boarding School and local residents in Gedung Kampung, Hegarmanah Village, Warungkiara, Sukabumi, had difficulties meeting their need for clean water. Thanks to the Waqf Well from Global Wakaf – ACT, they now have an accessible water source that is equipped with public bathrooms.

waqf well
Students try water sourced from the Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI – Whenever it doesn't rain for several days, the Karya Insan Cita Islamic Boarding School in Kampung Gedung, Hegarmanah Village, Warungkiara District, Sukabumi, often experiences a water crisis. To meet daily water needs. they rely on the Cimandiri River, which is approximately 1.5 kilometers from the school. There is also a water spring located 300 meters away whose water is often channeled to the school using a pump. Sadly, the water pump often breaks down.

Muchlis from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Sukabumi Program Department said that the soil around the Karya Insan Cita Islamic Boarding School is mostly dry soil. Hence, it’s often get parched during the dry season.

"During the dry season, the soil cannot store water, so it is vulnerable to drought," explained Muchlis.

To solve the water crisis, Global Wakaf – ACT Greater Sukabumi built a Waqf Well and public toilets at the Karya Insan Cita Islamic Boarding School. On Thursday, the water well and toilets were inaugurated.

Ade, one of the administrators of the Karya Insan Cita Islamic Boarding School hopes that the Waqf Well will be used not only by the students but also by the local residents who are also frequently hit by drought.

One of the residents, Dudun, expressed his gratitude for the Waqf Well and public toilets. He is very happy because now there is a new water source that can be used by the community.

“On behalf of the Islamic boarding school and the residents, I would like to thank you for building the borehole water well in our area. This is what we really needed,” he said.