Waqf Well Built in Drought-Prone Area of ​​Grobogan

In the middle of January, ACT Solo started the construction of a Waqf Well in Grobogan. The location is in a drought-prone area.

a Waqf Well
Construction of a Waqf Well in Grobogan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GROBOGAN – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Solo strives to provide solutions to meet the clean water needs of people living in drought-prone areas in response to disasters during the dry season. ACT Solo began drilling a Waqf Well in Hamlet Wuni, Geri, Keyongan District, Grobokan Regency on Monday (1/17/2022), similar to what was done in mid-January.

According to Nining Ardianti of the ACT Solo Program team, a Waqf Well is one of ACT's primary programs to address the issue of clean water needs during the dry season. Later on, there will be no shortage of clean water in Dukuh Wuni, especially during the dry season.

"We built a bore Waqf well with an estimated depth of 80 meters to drain the high water discharge. Hence, when the dry season arrives, the well still produces abundant clean water," Nining explained.

The team built Waqf Well next to Annur Mosque, a worship place for the locals. ACT team chose the location because the water from the well can also support worship activities and allow residents to help care for the mosque.

Septi Endasmoro, Branch Manager of ACT Solo, states that a Waqf Well will be available in other drought-prone areas throughout Indonesia, including Solo Raya.

“Waqf Well is a solution to the problem of the water crisis throughout Indonesia. All of this cannot be separated from the role of benefactors," said Septi.[]