Waqf Well Changes the Life of Muslims in Ghana for the Better

Global Wakaf-ACT continues to carry out the mandate of wakif throughout the earth, building a better life. This time, the waqf funds that are mandated as the Waqf Well help the Muslim community in the Old Tafo area, North Abuikut Municipality, Southern Ghana.

Waqf wells built jointly by wakifs at Global Wakaf-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH ABUAKWA - Congregation of the Uthman bin Affan Mosque in the Old Tafo area, Abu charged Utaa Municipality, Ghana, is now happy. As the construction of the mosque is almost complete, the Waqf Well of Indonesia's charity is ready for use.

Andy Noor Faradiba from the Global Humanity Response Aksi Cepat Tanggap team reported that the construction of the well was carried out on 11-23 November 2020. The Waqf well was also used by up to 1,000 Muslim community members of the Uthman bin Affan Mosque, Old Tafo.

"Apart from being a source of water for the congregation to worship at the mosque, the well that we have built is also a source of daily water for the community. The construction of the drilling well is very relevant because it will be the first bore well to be built in parallel with the construction of the first mosque in the community, ”explained Faradiba.

He continued, most of the beneficiaries in the community were people with lower middle class economies, most of whom were women and children. They live in harmony with each other regardless of differences in religion and ethnicity. People depend on each other when it comes to public facilities.

The construction of the Waqf Well also supports the sixth goal of sustainable development (SDGs), namely clean water and proper sanitation. Directly, the construction of waqf wells for local communities has an impact on the ease of access to water for free and comfort.

"This condition also provides safety and comfort for women and children who are usually forced to travel long distances to fetch water," said Faradiba.

One of the beneficiary residents, Musa Ibrahim Munah (43), expressed his happiness over the construction of the Waqf Well at the Uthman bin Affan Mosque. According to Musa, the provision of water sources is the most important assistance. The community around the mosque, who were not all Muslims, also helped.

"We depend on several wells for water. However, most of the wells that exist today do not have good water. We thank Allah for this project that gave us good and healthy water, ”said the teacher at one of the high schools in Old Trafo.

The most important thing for Musa and his family is that they do not have to spend more money to get clean water sources. Previously, as the only breadwinner, Musa had to pay a lot of money for water needs. He has to meet the members of about 20 members of his family who are mostly school age children.

The prayer of Musa was also carried out for the wakifs and philanthropists of Indonesia. "May Allah reward those who have built this well. Hopefully the wakif will be given the ability to provide more wells to those in need, "he hoped. []