Waqf Well Completes Educational Facilities at Al Ma'ruf Islamic School

Students at Al Ma'ruf Islamic School are not charged a monthly fee. Despite operational costs and a lack of facilities, this school must continue to expand as the number of students increases.

Waqf Well
A Waqf Well at Al Ma'ruf Islamic School as student education on Clean and Healthy Living. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG CITY –Students at Al Ma'ruf Islamic School are not required to pay any tuition fees. Many students come from working-class families with limited financial resources. Teachers also teach with the spirit and belief that Allah will reward their efforts.

"This school was established in 2017 by Ustaz Rohmatullah and his wife, who were moved to see the children of Islam's younger generation who had not received religious education from an early age. Therefore, they spearheaded this educational institution with all their might," said Sukma Jayalaksana, Head of the ACT Serang Raya Program, on Thursday (12/30/2021).

Al Ma'ruf Islamic School began as a house where students could learn to recite the Quran without a classroom. However, the residents enthusiastically welcomed this educational institution. Hence, they assisted in building a study room around Ustaz Rohmat's house. Approximately 30 students study the Quran in Cilaku Village, Curug District, Serang City.

Al Ma'ruf Islamic School aims to educate the next generation of Muslims. (ACTNews)

As the number of students grows, so must the number of facilities available to support the activities of this school. One of them is the availability of clean water, ablution facilities, and toilets. "The condition of the toilets is inadequate, and the students must stand in line for every activity," Sukma explained.

Global Wakaf-ACT assisted in resolving this issue by constructing a Waqf Well for Al Ma'ruf Islamic School. This sanitation facility has been finished and will be operational by October 2021.

Some communities in the vicinity of the school still lack access to a toilet. "Hopefully, the community around the school will reap the benefits of this Waqf Well," Sukma said.

Ustaz Rohmatullah was also grateful for the Al Ma'ruf Islamic School's Waqf Well. "Thank you to all of the donors and volunteers who contributed to the construction of this Waqf Well. May Allah make it easier for all of us, and may this Waqf Well bring about the common good," He stated.[]