Waqf Well Facilitates Activities of Hundreds of Students at Madrasah Al-Muhajirin

There was only one toilet at Madrasah Al-Muhajirin. Previously, it frequently ran out of water after being used for more than an hour. Students and teachers alternate to use the toilet for ablution and defecation.

Waqf Well
Waqf Well makes Madrasah Al-Muhajirin activities easier. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Al-Muhajirin Islamic Senior High School required sanitation and clean water. This school, located in Bunar Village, Cigudeg District, Bogor Regency, required water for daily operations.

Meanwhile, their toilet was easy to dry out. They did not need to wait for the dry season. Simply turning on the water in the school toilets for one hour will cause the water to dry up.

"There was only one restroom. Therefore, students and teachers must take turns using this toilet both for ablution and urination," said Yhoko Kuncoro of the Global Wakaf Team-ACT West Bogor on Sunday (12/30/2021).

Students must go to the mosque, located directly across the street from the school, to meet the need for clean water. They could also rely on river water, about a kilometer away from their school. It was troublesome for students in their activities.

To solve the problem, Global Wakaf-ACT constructed a Waqf Well complete with a toilet to assist Madrasah Aliyah Al-Muhajirin in gaining access to clean water. "We hope that by having this facility, students can perform ablution separately and defecate freely without being disturbed," Yhoko said.

The Waqf Well is expected to benefit approximately 200 students and teachers at Madrasah Aliyah Al-Muhajirin and its surrounding areas. This facility was officially opened in mid-December and has been used since then. []