Waqf Well Facilitates Hundreds of Fastabiqul Khairat Students’ Activities

The presence of the ACT Waqf Well and the new MCK facilitates the activities of Fastabiqul Khairat students. The students will no longer need to collect rainwater to prepare for the dry season.

fastabiqul khairat school
Fastabiqul Khairat students perform ablution at the facility built by Global Wakaf-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL BANGKA – Global Wakaf-ACT Bangka inaugurated the newly-built Waqf Well and toilets at Fastabiqul Khoirot Islamic Elementary School, Munggu Village, Central Bangka Regency in early January 2022. The Waqf Well makes it easier for students to carry out their activities.

Raffles Gordon from the ACT Bangka Branch said that prior to the construction of the Waqf Well, the students and teachers lacked adequate toilets and clean water. During the dry season, students use rainwater that they had previously collected.

"This is a real manifestation of the generosity of communities who need clean water sources. This water well is the sixth that Global Wakaf – ACT has inaugurated in Bangka. Hopefully, this well will also be able to support the learning activities of the students who hold this nation’s future," he said.

Ustaz Rondi, one of the staff members at the Fastabiqul Khoirot Islamic Elementary School felt extremely grateful for the water well that can benefit up to 250 students. They no longer need to worry about the lack of water and can focus on worshiping, studying, and memorizing the Qur'an.

"They no longer have to collect rainwater or fetch clean water," he said.

Global Wakaf – ACT also distributed catfish babies that the boarding school can raise. This was done to economically support the school to be independent. Not only that, but the team also distributed new copies of the Quran to the students. []