Waqf Well Facilitates Malian Muslims to Pray and Farm

A waqf well was recently built in Komine Village in Segue City of Mali. The water source is expected to facilitate the Muslims in Mali to pray and farm.

waqf well for mali
Residents of Komine Village in Segue City of Mali welcome the Waqf Well in their area. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SEGUE – Water crisis is among the problems prevalent in Africa. Among the countries that often suffer from drought is Mali.

In one village in Mali namely Komine Village in Segue City, the residents often have no choice but to use murky water.

"Even though the water is cloudy, they are still grateful that they still have water. They are willing to walk quite a distance to get the murky water from the river. Usually it is the children or women that must go find water," said Firdaus Guritno from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)'s Global Humanity Response, Monday (8/30/2021).

For this reason, ACT endeavored to end the water crisis in Komine Village by building a Waqf Well. The well, which started construction in mid-July, is named Firdaus, and it can began to be used by late August.

One of the residents, Moussa Toure (57), said the Waqf Well was a big surprise for his family. Moussa’s children no longer have to walk far to get water. In addition to domestic use, he plans to use the water from the Waqf Well to irrigate his farm.

"This water will help us farm throughout the year. This water source can also improve our health because we can drink clean water. Thank you very much to the benefactors. May Allah reward all those who share their wealth to realize this program," Moussa said. []