Waqf Well Facilitates the Worship of Kuala Terusan Residents

The worshippers at Al Mujahiddin Mosque in Kuala Terusan Village used to take water from Sungai Kampar. Nowadays, they can pray easily after the Waqf Well was inaugurated on Monday (03/22/2021).

This well is the first Waqf Well that has been inaugurated by Global Wakaf-ACT Riau in Kuala Terusan Village. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PELALAWAN – Global Wakaf ACT Riau inaugurated a waqf well in Al- Mujahiddin Mosque,  Kuala Terusan Village, Pangkalan Kerinci District, Palalawan Regency, Riau Province. The inauguration attended by residents and the mosque management on Monday (03/22/2021).

Samsurizal, one of the worshippers, expressed his happiness and gratitude for the waqf well. “Alhamdulillah, with this waqf well, people in Kuala Terusan can use clean water for taking an ablution and for people’s daily needs,” said Samsurizal.

Prior to the existence of this waqf well, the worshippers and people in Kuala Terusan had difficulty to access clean water for ablution and toilets. People took water from Kampar River.

“This well is the first waqf well has been inaugurated by Global Wakaf-ACT Riau in Kuala Terusan Village. This is the benefactor’s effort to help people in Kuala Terusan access clean water and do the worship more easily,” said Benny Andrizal from Global Wakaf- ACT Riau Program Department.

Apart from building waqf well, Global Wakaf- ACT Riau also distributed food packages to the underprivileged families through National Food Alms Movement. “Thank you to all benefactors who have been giving their best alms through Global Wakaf-ACT Riau. Hopefully, this well can be a reward for the benefactors. We also invite generous people to spread this kindness, so we can build other waqf wells in Riau. the best alms can be sent through Indonesia Dermawan website or BNI account in the name of Global Wakaf Foundation at 1010000182,” said Benny.[]