Waqf Well for Flood and Landslide Victims in Tasikmalaya

Waqf Well for Flood and Landslide Victims in Tasikmalaya

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – The flood and landslides that hit southern Tasikmalaya on Tuesday (12/6) has caused sorrow in the hearts of the victims. Several sub-districts were affected, including Culamega Sub-District. A number of villages were hit by flood and landslides, leaving 60 families displaced. They evacuated to Cibinong Camping Ground where the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound has been built.

Unfortunately, it was difficult for the evacuees to get clean water because they live far away from settlement areas. Responding to this situation, Global Wakaf – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) built a well for the evacuees. “We need a well to fulfill the need of the evacuees for clean water because the distance from the evacuation place to settlement areas is quite far away,” said Puji Saeful Rohman of Global Wakaf team.  

The construction of the Waqf Well began on Friday (12/14) and it is still under construction, involving approximately six volunteers. “Alhamdulillah, the villagers were enthusiastic about the Waqf Well because it very much needed. May this Waqf Well be able to fulfill the need of the evacuees,” hoped Saeful Rohman.

The construction of the Waqf Well built in the ICS compouacnd is almost finished. Apart from the Waqf Well, 62 shelters, 1 mosque, 1 public kitchen and 10 restrooms were constructed. “Now, we are hastening the construction so they can be used as soon as possible by the flood and landslides victims in Tasikmalaya,” said Rosmana, Coordinator of ACT Humanitarian Post in Tasikmalaya.

The Waqf-Well program is Global Wakaf’s main program on the national scale. To this day, there have been 190 waqf wells in 19 provinces and 18 regencies and municipalities throughout Indonesia. The well will benefit 270 people who previously suffered from water crisis. Global Wakaf as a waqf institution will continue helping the needy. []



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