Waqf Well in Bolangi Aims to Assist 500 Benefactors

Bollang Hamlet is one of the areas affected by the drought in South Sulawesi. Many shallow wells have been completely dried up.

Waqf Well in Bolangi Aims to Assist 500 Benefactors' photo
The waqf well built inside the Darul Istiqomah Timbuseng can also be used by the local community. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GOWA - The Waqf Well from Global Wakaf is now flowing benefitting the Bollangi Hamlet, Timbuseng Village, Pattallassang District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. Although it was built in the vicinity of Darul Istiqamah Islamic Boarding School, the local villagers can also use the water from the Waqf Well.

"Even though it was built in an Islamic boarding school area, the public is allowed to use this water. Of all students and residents, we target around 500 people to benefit from the Waqf Well," said Nur Ali Akbar from the Global Wakaf team, Monday (11/4).

Bollangi hamlet is one of the areas that experience drought, especially when during dry season. The residents’ shallow wells have also been completely dried up.

"Actually the locals can use the water from the Regional Drinking Water Company. They just have to wait in line. Usually, the water is only available from 1 a.m. till dawn. After that, the water does not flow anymore," Nur Ali said.

A worker is drilling the Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

The water received by the locals is usually only used for primary needs, such as consumption and toilets. The team is waiting for the completion of the sanitary facilities to complement the existing Waqf Well.

"This month, Insha Allah, everything will be finished. At the moment, we are building sanitary facilities so that the Waqf Well not only provides access to clean water but also sanitary facilities. Last Wednesday (10/30), the Waqf Well was ready to be used, and the walls of the sanitary facilities are already being plastered by the workers that had been hired by the pesantren," Nur Ali said.

The pesantren also welcomed the help from the benefactors through the Global Waqf positively. The pesantren expressed their gratitude for the Waqf Well not only for the needs of the students, but also the local residents.

"The Islamic boarding school representatives as well as the residents expressed their gratitude to Global Wakaf for the clean water assistance, especially during the dry season like this. They also pray a lot for the benefactors so that their efforts can be blessed, "said Nur Ali. []


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