Waqf Well in Ganjuran Benefits Santris and Surrounding Residents

After completing its construction, the Waqf Well with sanitation facility and a water filter can now be used by the santris and surrounding residents.

Waqf Well in Ganjuran.
Construction of a Waqf Well in Ganjuran, Bantul. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL – On Saturday (8/21/2021), Global Wakaf-ACT Bantul has officially completed and launched the Waqf Well in Az Zakiyah Islamic Boarding School, Bantul. The well, which is located not far from the legendary Ganjuran church, Bantul, has a depth of 50 meters that can be enjoyed by students and local residents. The consumptive type of well makes water from this well can be used for the residents’ daily needs.

In addition to wells, Global Wakaf-ACT has also ablution facility and procured a reverse osmosis machine to producing clear water for consumption that has passed a good filtering process.

The Dean of Az-Zakiyah Islamic Boarding School, Isnaini Mangasiroh, expressed his gratitude to the benefactors who have submitted their concern and care for the Waqf Well construction through Global Wakaf-ACT. Previously, a clean water source was the dream of every santris (students) here since they had only drawn water from the residents' wells.

Alhamdulillah, we already have our own well now. Furthermore, with the reverse osmosis facility, we no longer need to purchase gallons of drinking water. May this become jariya alms for the benefactors,” he said.

The launch ceremony of the Waqf Well was attended by students, local residents, boarding school committees, Global Wakaf-ACT team, and soil expert Sri Manu Rohmiyati. In his speech, Branch Manager of Global Wakaf-ACT Bantul, Muhammad Syamsul Huda says that Az-Zakiyah Boarding School is one of the Islamic boarding schools that prints the Quran memorizers, thus, support from many parties is required for the continuity and convenience of students so that they can continue to learn.

Alhamdulillah, the Waqf Well construction in Az Zakiyah Islamic Boarding School has been completed and now can be used by the santris and local residents. This well is the fruit of alms and waqf submitted by the Generous Benefactors. Hopefully, with this Waqf Well, the santris and surrounding residents can enjoy good quality water for their consumption and daily needs,” said Syamsul.[]