Waqf Well Optimizes Al-Khaliq Mosque’s Sanitation Facility

Global Wakaf-ACT has provided Waqf Well to optimize the sanitation facility in Al-Khaliq Mosque, South Donggulu Village, Central Sulawesi. Previously, it was difficult for the congregants to perform ablution and go to the toilet due to the broken facility.

Waqf Well for Mosque.
Waqf Well is targeted to facilitate sanitation for 250 congregants and 300 families around the mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PARIGI MOUTONG – It was difficult for the congregation of Al-Khaliq Mosque in South Donggulu Village, Kasimbar District, Parigi Moutong Regency, to go to pray. Due to inadequate clean water facilities in the mosque, they had to fetch water from residents' houses.

“Actually, Al-Khaliq Mosque already has a water source that can be utilized by the congregants. However, most of them were mostly broken. Hence, it was difficult to take ablution and urinate at the mosque,” said Nurul Ramadhan from Global Wakaf-ACT team.

The inadequate facility had become the main issue for clean water availability in South Donggulu Village. Aside from the mosque, the problem has also been experienced by the entire residents in the South DOnggulu Village. “This village’s plains are actually on the lowlands, thus, clean water is actually easy to obtain. It's just the facilities that are inadequate," said Nurul.

Therefore, Global Wakaf-ACT has built a unit of Waqf Well along with toilet facilities for the congregation of Al-Khaliq Mosque. This well has been completed and can be used by the congregation since mid-April.

“We hope that not only the well can be beneficial to around 250 mosque’s congregants but also can fulfill the clean water needs for approximately 300 families in the village,” explained Nurul.

Nurul invites the Generous Benefactors to continue spreading kindness through Waqf Well donation. “We hope with support from the benefactors, we can expand the benefits of Waqf Well to other regions across Indonesia that are in need,” hoped Nurul.[]