Waqf Well Provides Solution to Water Crisis in Riau’s Lancang Kuning

A Waqf Well and restrooms are being built in Lancang Kuning in Batam this August. This water source is expected to provide a solution to the water crisis that occurs every dry season.

bintan waqf well
Waqf Well construction in Lancang Kuning of Bintan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BINTAN – In Lancang Kuning Village, North Bintan District, Bintan, Global Wakaf-ACT has started the construction of a waqf well and restrooms since early August 2021. The well is located at SPMAA Islamic Boarding School to be used by the school and the residents in its vicinity.

Lancang Kuning Village is located on the border of North Bintan District and Teluk Sebong District. During dry seasons, water crisis often occurs, forcing the local residents to spend money to buy water for their daily needs.

"We estimated that there will be 250 families or 800 people who will benefit from the well. This is one of the solutions to clean water scarcity in the village,” explained Agus Suprianto, Branch Manager of Global Wakaf – ACT Riau Islands.

The construction of the waqf well and restrooms involves the local residents and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia volunteers. It is funded by waqf donated through Indonesia Dermawan.

"In addition to Bintan, a Waqf Well has also been built in Manda Hamlet in Karimun. Its benefits are also felt by local residents," added Agus. []