Waqf Well Solves Drought in Prambanan Hamlet

Prambanan Hamlet, Sumenep Regency, is prone to water crisis during dry season. Its residents even have to fetch water from other villages or buy them which is sold per tank.

Prambanan Hamlet.
Waqf Well and pipelines ease the residents to access clean water despite dry season. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUMENEP REGENCY – Geologically, Prambanan Hamlet, Gayam District, Sumenep Regency, has a rocky land texture. Such type of land makes the area prone to drought.

Cholillurahman, one of the residents, who also managed the construction of Waqf Wells in Prambanan Hamlet, said that drought will occur when there was no rain in Prambanan Hamlet for two weeks. Residents can barely access clean water to the point they have to buy or fetch water from the next village.

“During drought, we have to fetch water from Poncor Village by riding a motorbike. For those who have more money, they can buy the water for IDR 75 thousand per pick-up car which can be lasted for a week,” said Cholil.

Actually, there is another water source in the forest, but it is far from the settlements of local residents and has difficult access. Furthermore, there is only 40% of the residents have private toilet facilities.

Responding to the situation, Global Wakaf-ACT build a Waqf Well, pipelines, and toilet facilities for the residents of Prambanan Hamlet. The Waqf Well has started operating last May. “We are very happy because now, we can access clean water easily. Especially for drinking and washing our goods,” said Cholil.[]