Waqf Well Supports Water Needs in Abu Ramez Baroud in Gaza

The Abu Ramez Baroud area in Bait Lahia, Gaza is one of the areas experiencing drought due to the harsh climate. The lack of rain has made it difficult to find clean water sources in the region. Global Wakaf - ACT is building a Waqf Well in this location.

Volunteers worked on the construction of the Waqf Well in Abu Ramez Baroud, Gaza, mid-August. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - Abu Ramez Baroud did not have sufficient clean water sources. Drought occurs every year. Residents rely on clean water assistance from humanitarian agencies or buy water.

This area, located in northern Gaza, was the building site of Global Wakaf – ACT’s waqf well. Since mid-August, the Waqf Well program has been under construction with a target depth of 52 meters.

Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response - Aksi Cepat Tanggap team explained that the Waqf Well is needed by more than 60 families who live there. “The water sources in Gaza are actually very polluted. This is exacerbated by the hot climate. The residents of Abu Ramez Baroud have difficulty meeting their daily water needs,” said Said.

In that area also lived olive growers. They make ends meet from the garden. The meager sales they still have to set aside to buy water.

Public Radio International reports that since 20 years ago, 85 percent of drinking water in Gaza has been contaminated. In 2018, they discovered the alarming fact that the level of contamination had increased to 97 percent. In fact, consuming contaminated water is a serious problem for health. A number of diseases such as diarrhea, kidney disease, and stunting can be caused by consuming polluted water.

"Those of you who want to donate, you can visit Indonesia Dermawan website and donate via BNI Syariah account number # 6600000346 in the name of Global Wakaf Foundation," said Said. []