Waqf Well to Overcome Water Crisis in Gedong Village, Semarang

Every dry season, residents of Krajan Hamlet, Gedong Village, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency have to deal with water crisis. A waqf well is under construction to solve the water crisis in the area.

The construction of the Waqf Well in Krajan Hamlet, Gedong Village, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency, that has started since Wednesday (12/16) and is expected to finish in 1-2 weeks. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SEMARANG DISTRICT - In Krajan Hamlet, Gedong Village, Banyubiru District, water is hardly available during dry season. The wells that belong to the locals, which are around 20-meter deep, often dry up. To find water, the locals have to go to the neighboring villages and queue up in a spring that is located quite far away.

Slamet Wardoyo, a community leader in Krajan Hamlet, said that there isn’t any community-based drinking water service yet in his village. There is also a water source located in the neighboring village which is almost 15 kilometers away. Some of the residents planned to build pipeline to the spring, however, it is still quite costly for them.

"For the local residents, the majority of whom are casual laborers and farmers, building pipelines is certainly too expensive," said Slamet.

Responding to the water crisis that hit almost every year in Krajan Hamlet, Global Wakaf-ACT Central Java has started the construction of the Waqf Well since Wednesday (12/16). The team digs borehole water well up to 100 meters beneath the ground to get to the water source.

Hamas Rausyanfikr Global Wakaf – ACT Program Department explained that the construction of the Waqf Well will take one or two weeks. It takes longer than the construction of typical Waqf Well because the soil is rather rocky.

"We predict that we will reach the water source at 60 meter-deep. The construction takes longer because the terrain is quite rocky, "he explained, Thursday (12/17).

Global Wakaf-ACT also built restrooms to accompany the new Waqf Well to be used for free by the 150 residents in Krajan Hamlet. "Wells and sanitary facilities for Krajan residents are a tangible form of the benefits of waqf. We hope that the well and restrooms can be maintained together by the community,” Hamas asked.

The Waqf well in Krajan Hamlet is the 46th well that Global Wakaf-ACT builds in the Central Java. This shows collaboration with generous benefactors whose benefits can be felt by everyone. More waqf well will be built in Central Java and other areas in Indonesia as well as countries around the world. To make this happen, we need massive contributions from the community. []