Waqf Well to Solve Drought in Gunungkidul

A new waqf well is being built in Grogol Hamlet of Gunungkidul Regency. The well can benefit up to 380 people.

ACTNews, GUNUNGKIDUL – Drought has become a problem for the community in Gunungkidul Regency, precisely in Grogol Hamlet, Ponjong Subdistrict. As a result of the long dry season, the locals are in urgent need of water.

During the dry season, the residents of Grogol Hamlet only depend on the water from the public reservoir located in the middle of a rice field. "The only source of water is the reservoir. The locals have to stay up until midnight to take turns to take water,” Suwanto. Head of Grogol Hamlet, said on Monday (9/2).

With no borehole wells available and the water from the wells dried up, the Grogol residents have to use the water from the public reservoir even to perform wudu. "At night, the residents take turns to take the water for the toilets and wudu facilities here," said Sutoyo, caretaker of Al Hidayah Mosque.

Due to this condition, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Special Region of Yogyakarta, along with Bimo Transport visited Grogol Hamlet to help to facilitate the locals to get access to clean water. ACT Yogyakarta initiated a Waqf Well to ease the effects of the drought.

"Gunungkidul Regency is the most prioritized location for Global Wakaf-ACT Yogyakarta’s programs to overcome the annual drought. The Waqf Well is a long-term solution, in addition to regular water distribution programs that have been carried out since June. The Waqf Well is expected to gradually be able to break the vicious cycle of drought every time the dry season arrives," said Bagus Suryanto as Branch Manager of Global Wakaf – ACT Yogyakarta.

Meanwhile, Syaiful from PT. Bimo Transport said, "We as the endowers entrust the construction of the Waqf Well in Gunungkidul to Global Wakaf-ACT. Hopefully, the benefits of the Waqf Well can be felt by many people," he explained.

Until now, Global Wakaf - ACT has built 264 waqf wells throughout Indonesia and the 19th well for Special Region of Yogyakarta is being built in Grogol Hamlet.

The construction of the 76-meter-deep Waqf Well in Grogol Hamlet began in late August. The borehole drilling has been completed and will continue with the construction of toilets, water reservoirs, installation of pumps and pipeline to the mosque and to surrounding houses. When all of the construction is complete, the Waqf Well can benefit 81 families or 380 people.

"Thank you very much for a well that is being built for our village. Insha Allah, it will be very useful for us and Al Hidayah Mosque which is very short of water," Suwanto concluded. []