Warm Leg Soup for Evacuees in Lompio Village

Warm Leg Soup for Evacuees in Lompio Village

Warm Leg Soup for Evacuees in Lompio Village' photo

ACTNews, DONGGALA – Dark clouds loomed over Sirenja Sub-District, Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The sound of the crashing waves filled the air.

Along the way, there are several signboards telling drivers to slow down. Traces and signs of sorrow were apparent here and there. However, as we entered Lompio Village, there was a gathering where people were congregated under a blue tarpaulin tent where smoke was seen bellowing into the air.

The locals were preparing to cook pieces of beef from the cows that had been slaughtered. On Sunday (10/14) morning, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team in Sirenja post slaughtered five cows for the evacuees in Lompio village. There were 900 evacuees in this village, spread across four hamlets. A tent was set up on a coconut plantation not far from settlement areas.

The meat of the five cows that were slaughtered in Empat Hamlet in Lompio Village was distributed to other hamlets. It did not take long to turn the cows into beef cuts as the locals were working together to make the process easier.

The ladies were ready with their knives to cut up the beef on banana leaves. They cut up the beef into bite-sized pieces. “These meat pieces will be cooked into stir-fried spicy beef,” said Ratmi, an evacuee who took part in the cooking process.

Not only the meat, but the legs of the cows were also cooked into Kaledo, a typical Donggala delicacy famous for its delicious broth. “Kaki Lembu Donggala (Donggala Beef Legs), that is what Kaledo stands for,” Ratmi added.

On the other side of the public kitchen, some other ladies were busy cooking rice. The fragrant steam of cooking rice rose to the open air. They also boiled some water to tenderize the beef.

In the afternoon, the Lompio villagers ate together as a way to strengthen their bonds after the disasters. “We eat together and pray that there will be no more natural disasters that hit us,” said Zulfikar, Chief of Lompio Village.

Evacuees in need of tents

Like other earthquake-affected victims in Central Sulawesi, Lompio Villagers also have evacuated their houses since the first day after the earthquake. Not all houses were destroyed, but many are still too afraid to return due to the impending danger of the aftershocks. They chose to stay in tents amidst the disasters that have hit Central Sulawesi.

Zulfikar added that, at the moment, one of the most urgent needs is tarpaulin tents. Some of the evacuees still had no tents of their own. “Many families still live in mutual tents resided by even five families inside one tent,” said Zulfikar.

Two days previously, Friday (10/12), ACT team also visited the village to distribute groceries and basic needs, including tarpaulins for the tents. The team will continue reaching more villages to distribute aid that has been trusted from the people of Indonesia. []



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