Warung Dermawan Completes Hasibuan's Happiness in Ramadan

This Ramadan, Hasibuan (75) no longer needs to pedal his bicycle to the intersection of Pekayon, Bekasi City. Now, he and his wife have a stall from benefactors to help him get income.

Hasibuan in front of his stall. Previously, Hasibuan worked as a deliveryman in the Bekasi City area. (ACTNews)
Hasibuan in front of his stall. Previously, Hasibuan worked as a deliveryman in the Bekasi City area. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Hasibuan (75) is an elderly newspaper seller. He works day and night using a bicycle. Almost every day, he goes to the intersection of Pekayon, Bekasi City, to sell his newspapers. Hasibuan does this job to get an income for his family.

He relies on these newspapers to earn money. His main target buyer are passers-by who stop in the intersection. He has been doing this work since 40 years ago.

“Every day, I earn around IDR30-50 thousand when there are many people who buy my newspaper. It is barely enough to meet my family's food needs,” said Hasibuan.

Last year, ACT Bekasi met Hasibuan for the first time. Hasibuan was selling his newspaper on the side of the road in the evening. At that time, social restrictions were so tight and had a huge impact on Hasibuan’s life and economy. It was difficult to sell his newspapers.

ACT Bekasi City Team tries to assist Hasibuan. The team initiated a fundraising through Indonesia Dermawan website to build a stall for Hasibuan. The Public attention was quite high. On April 20th, 2021, the funds collected for Hasibuan reached IDR 36 million out of the target of IDR 40 million from more than 800 benefactors.


“The collected funds are used to build a stall for Hasibuan. He no longer needs to go out to sell his newspapers. One of his wishes is to have a stall,” explained Branch Manager of ACT Bekasi Rizky Renanda, Monday (4/19/2021). Apart from building a stall for Hasibuan, ACT Bekasi also distributed food packages for his daily needs.

The construction of the stall took almost a month. Apart from that, ACT also provided merchandise for him to sell such as snacks and staple foods. On Sunday (4/18/2021), Hasibuan can officially use the shop. He never expected that a stall that he had dreamed of for a long time could come true. This stall completes his happiness during Ramadan. All thanks to the help of benefactors.

Alhamdulillah, now I do not need to leave the house for work. We can have an income from this stall. Hopefully, this business can run well and continue to grow. Thanks to the prayers of benefactors, may Allah repay your kindness. Thank you once again for ACT and the benefactors,” said Hasibuan softly.[]