Water Crisis Threatens Pandeglang Residents

Water Crisis Threatens Pandeglang Residents

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – The tsunami that hit the coasts around Sunda Strait on December 22, 2018, has brought a new problem for the residents of Kampung Cihonje in Tunggal Jaya Village of Sumur sub-district, Pandeglang Regency. The tsunami has brought materials that contaminated the river from which they used to draw water. Consequently, around 430 residents of the hamlet now suffer from clean water crisis. 

“The water source in Kampung Cihonje was polluted by materials carried by the tsunami. The water has become murky and unclean. The local residents have been relying on water tank aid both from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and the local government,” said Mohammad Jakfar of Global Wakaf – ACT, Saturday (4/10).


Jakfar stated that, to this day, the locals have not been able to use the water from the river due to its pollution. The water smells unpleasant and is yellowish. The toilets that the locals have are also unfit to use. 

Last March, the construction of the waqf well near Baitu Tawabin Mosque in Kampung Cihonje began.  The construction of the well aims to solve the water crisis that affects the tsunami-hit residents. Jakfar estimated that the well will be ready to use in a month. After the well is ready, the team will install additional facilities.

 “We also plan to install the water storage tank and its tower, the launching inscription, and we will also form the committee to manage the waqf assets (well and sanitary facilities), and the pipes to distribute the clean water to the houses of the locals who were affected by the Tsunami,” said Jakfar. 

The locals have been extremely grateful for the Waqf Well that has alleviated the water crisis. They hoped that Global Wakaf team will continue assisting them in the future. 

“Global Wakaf has been a part of us. They have been helping us very much. We, the tsunami-affected people, have benefitted so much,” said a Cihonje resident. []